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Junior Indoor Cricket Leagues: U9s

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U9s Indoor League Fixtures

U9's Softball Fixtures 2023
Friday 15th September6.15pmChristchurch B 304vWinton B 286
Saturday 16th September10.05amWinton A 369vPoole Town 283
Saturday 16th September12.15pmBournemouth A 329vChristchurch A 224
Saturday 16th September 2.25pmWimborne (Won)vParley Panthers (Lost)
Friday 22nd September6.15pmMudefordvChristchurch C
Saturday 23rd September10.05amBournemouth BvWinton C
Saturday 23rd September12.15pmNew Milton FalconsvVerwood
Friday 29th September6.15pmParley PiratesvBransgore
Saturday 30th September10.05amPoole TownvChristchurch B
Saturday 30th September12.15pmChristchurch AvWinton B
Saturday 30th September2.25pmParley PanthersvWinton A
Friday 6th October6.15pmWimbornevBournemouth A
Saturday 7th October10.05amWinton CvChristchurch C
Saturday 7th October12.15pmVerwood vParley Pirates
Saturday 7th October2.25pmNew Milton FalconsvBournemouth B
Friday 13th October6.15pmBransgorevMudeford
Saturday 14th October10.05amChristchurch BvChristchurch A
Saturday 14th October12.15pmPoole TownvParley Panthers
Saturday 14th October2.25pmWinton BvWimborne
Friday 20th October6.15pmWinton AvBournemouth A
Saturday 21st October10.05amMudefordvWinton C
Saturday 21st October12.15pmChristchurch CvNew Milton Falcons
Friday 27th October6.15pmBransgorevVerwood
Saturday 28th October10.05amParley PanthersvChristchurch B
Saturday 28th October12.15pmWimbornevChristchurch A
Saturday 28th October2.25pmBournemouth AvPoole Town
Friday 3rd November6.15pmWinton AvWinton B
Saturday 4th November10.05amParley PiratesvBournemouth B
Saturday 4th November12.15pmVerwoodvMudeford
Saturday 4th November2.25pmNew Milton FalconsvWinton C
Friday 10th November6.15pmChristchurch BvWimborne
Saturday 11th November10.05amParley PanthersvBournemouth A
Saturday 11th November12.15pmChristchurch AvWinton A
Saturday 11th November2.25pmPoole TownvWinton B
Friday 17th November6.15pmBournemouth BvBransgore
Saturday 18th November10.05amParley PiratesvChristchurch C
Friday 1st December6.15pmBransgorevChristchurch C
Saturday 2nd December10.05amMudefordvNew Milton Falcons
Saturday 2nd December12.15pmVerwoodvBournemouth B
Saturday 2nd December2.25pmWinton CvParley Pirates
Friday 8th December6.15pmBransgorevWinton C
Saturday 9th December10.05amBournemouth BvMudeford
Saturday 9th December12.15pmParley PiratesvNew Milton Falcons
Saturday 9th December2,.25pmChristchurch CvVerwood